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Hanoi Academy prepare to welcome back students after long COVID-19 break

  • 05/05/2020

Dear Parents/Caregivers and Students Hanoi Academy,

First off, Hanoi has overcome the most difficult period in the fight against Covid-19 and social isolation has gradually relaxed. Implementing the new policy of the People’s Committee and the Department of Education and Training of the City, Hanoi Academy would like to inform the following important contents:

1. Schools reopening date

  • Secondary & high school students return to school from Tuesday, 05/05/2020
  • Preschool and Primary students return to school from Monday, May 11, 2020.

2. Safety Notes

2.1 Hanoi Academy

– Sanitation:

  • Increasing hygiene and daily disinfection in classrooms, function rooms, cafeteria, campus areas as well as school buses;
  • Soap, hand-washing stations and hand-sanitizer are provided in common areas of the school, classrooms, toilets and school buses

– Safe entry and exit of students to school grounds:

  • All students, teachers, staff, parents, service providers, visitors need to take body temperature, antiseptic at the school gate and wear a mask when participating in activities at the school;
  • Parents only pick-up and drop-off students at the gate and do not enter the campus (except for business contacts or scheduled appointments);
  • Parents who pick up and drop off students by car, please use gates 1 and 2;
  • Parents who take and pick up students by motorbikes and bicycles; students go to school by themselves; teachers, staff and visitors please use gate number 3.
  • The school arranges teachers and staff to pick students up in the morning at the gates.
  • Students must leave school at 16h15 ‘daily and do not stay up late to have fun or activities after school. Please remind your child to leave school and/or arrange to pick up children on time;
  • Visitors to the school, parents with business contacts, service providers, contractors, and partners may enter the school only when an appointment is made.

–  Preparing resources for health emergencies:

  • Arrange a separate room (separate from the Health room) to be ready to handle cases of symptoms at school;
  • Facilitating medical masks for students, teachers and staff who forget or do not have full masks in the Health Department;
  • Coordinate with teachers to care for and monitor students’ health.

– Shuttle bus service:

  • All shuttle buses are equipped with a body temperature meter, disinfectant solution, dustbin with lid and are cleaned and disinfected daily;
  • Students measure body temperature and antiseptic before getting in and out of the car;
  • Students sit spaced in the car as prescribed (no more than 50% of the seats and at least 1 seats apart from each other);
  • Vehicles in natural ventilation mode
  • Drivers, supervisors and students wear masks during the trip.

– Food Service:

  • Students eat breakfast and have afternoon snacks in the classroom to limit public contact (the school will adjust the menu with dry dishes for breakfast and afternoon snacks).
  • Students eat lunch at the cafeteria (lunch will be fortified to ensure the health of the children). The school divides shift meals by block and class and requires students to line up and sit at each other at the cafeteria;
  • Preschool students will eat in the classroom.

Timetable & learning activities:

  • Adjust and rearrange the learning schedule of some classes to support the lunch break;
  • Perform natural ventilation in classrooms (open windows, do not turn on air conditioning);
  • Arrange tables and chairs in the classroom to ensure maximum distance between the students;
  • Students (except 1st and 2nd graders) take a break between lunch and time in the classroom, do not participate in fun, gather in other areas of the school. Students in grades 1 & 2 carry out spacing at the bedrooms according to the school arrangement;
  • Suspension of collective activities and crowded events;
  • Homeroom teachers take attendance and confirm the health of students daily.

2.2 Parents and students

To actively coordinate with the school in ensuring the safety of students, please note the following:

  • Measure daily temperatures for students before their children go to school;
  • Bring personal protective equipment and toiletries to school including masks, extra masks (for students to change as needed), personal antiseptic solution, towels, wet paper and dry paper, personal water bottles;
  • Proactively notify the school and allow students to stay isolated at home if their child is sick, tired or has symptoms.

Thank you for your continued support and your faith in Hanoi Academy.


Hanoi Academy

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