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About us


Established in 2009, Hanoi Academy is considered a pioneer in the field of international bilingual education in Hanoi. With the educational philosophy of "Creating a global citizen", Hanoi Academy has been striving to become a Vietnamese school of international level, a cradle for students' development, and at the same time a place for students to grow up. only prestige for parents to trust and choose.

About us

15 years

formation and development…

Up to now, Hanoi Academy has had nearly 15 years of establishment and development with 100+ students achieving IGCSE certificates, 70+ students achieving A-level / IFD certificates. More proudly, 100% of students graduated from National High School, 100% of students successfully applied to universities at home and abroad. To get those results, during the past 15 years, Hanoi Academy has always strived to maintain and ensure services through a strict and strict quality management process of teaching, learning and operating according to international standards. with the experience and enthusiasm of Vietnamese and international educators and managers. With the operating principle: “Students are the center”, teachers and school staff always adhere to the professional ethical standards: respect, love, listen to share, the wishes of all students. born.

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The international standard

bilingual academic program

“Cradle” creates comprehensive people

If traditional schools focus most of their time on knowledge and basic subjects, Hanoi Academy has an inter-level education model from Kindergarten – Pre-primary – Primary – Middle School – High School with the same program. Comprehensive academic study, harmonious combination of subjects according to the standards of the Ministry of Education and Training of Vietnam, international subjects according to the standards of the United Kingdom to help cultivate, train & develop comprehensively KNOWLEDGE – SKILLS – QUALITY, helping students become “Global Citizens”.

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A place to cultivate and train

both mind & strength for students

Grow up in happiness

Not only accumulating and accessing knowledge from subjects, but Acers (Hanoi Academy students) are also methodically oriented to enhance life skills, and foster physical fitness, a sense of discipline, quality, and mind. position of a new generation of citizens, ready to commit, integrate, and succeed in the current era of digitalization and globalization. At Hanoi Academy, the safety, and joy of going to school every day and the positive development of students play a pivotal role, the goal, the destination is also the driving force for the school to constantly change and learn. and improve related activities.

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Works with
Bigger purpose

Profit is not the ultimate goal of Hanoi Academy. We believe that Hanoi Academy will be the ideal place for all students to develop their talents to the fullest. Through the process of learning, comprehensively developing attitudes, skills, knowledge, and training both mind and strength, generations of students who graduate from school will become useful people, bringing wealth and knowledge to the community. society and master the future of the country.

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Reasons to choose Hanoi Academy


of students successfully apply to domestic and international universities


of the average rate of students getting scholarships to study abroad every year


students achieve the International Certificate of Secondary Education iGCSE


number of students achieving A-level/IFD . International Foundation Certificate


graduated from National High School