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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions

The duration of the international program of all levels and blocks?

For Kindergarten, children have 2 English lessons per day (1 period for Vietnamese teachers and 1 period for International teachers). One week has 10 TA classes. Vietnamese teachers will stay in class all day with their children to increase the amount of time students can use TA n a day.

The remaining levels, Primary (the time to study international subjects accounts for 35%) and High School (the time to study international subjects accounts for 40%).

Names of subjects according to the International Program at each level from Pre school to High school?
  1. IEYC International Program: Students learn according to themes and topics suitable for Kindergarten age.
  2. Edexcel Primary International Program: Grades 1 – 5 (Math, English, Science, Reading Comprehension, English Grammar).
  3. Edexcel Lower Secondary International Program: Grades 6-8 (Math, Science, English, Information Technology, Study and Communication Skills).
  4. Edexcel IGCSE International Program: Grades 9 – 10 (Math, Science, English Language, Business, Global Citizenship).
  5. IFD pre-university program: Grades 11 – 12 (General Mathematics, Cultural Studies, Academic English, Advanced English Skills/General Informatics, General Programming, General Business, General Accounting and Economics).
  6. IELTS preparation program: Grade 11 and 12 (4 lessons/week).
What is the difference or comparison of the international curriculum that is being taught at HA and other international schools?

HA’s international study program is a UK copyrighted study program, synchronous and connecting from preschool to high school level and pre-university. Students receive international certificates recognized in many countries around the world. In other schools, the international program is not uniform, and there are changes according to each level of study. However, each school applies a different curriculum, with its own advantages. For students studying at HA, they will acquire standard and better knowledge than the common level of international schools, and at the same time, develop their personal skills.

If I don't attend the school from the beginning, can I still follow the school's program?

The school’s entrance test aims to locate students’ English knowledge ability. If you reach the entrance level of the school, you will be able to follow the curriculum in that class.


If my child is not qualified to attend school, is there any plan to help him study at school?

For students who don’t reach the required entry level, the school advises parents to let students participate in supplementary courses organised by the school or at English centers, then at the right time, they will come to test again. If the qualification is accepted as prescribed, they will be accepted. If it is less than the requirement of 1 level, students are accepted with conditions, accompanied by a clear commitment from parents and students. In the following school year, the school will work with families to develop complementary methods to help students keep up with the required level.

Do HA students need to learn more English at foreign language centers?

The school does not require students to take extra English lessons outside. If you focus and try to fully absorb the knowledge taught by the school, it will be enough for you to be equipped for future study. However, the ability to absorb as well as learning results depends on the ability of each child.

The school organises supplementary and fostering classes for the children to ensure that they are not too weak compared to their peers. However, for students whose English level is still lower than required, the school may open additional classes during the summer or during the school year. Depending on the specific time, students may be asked to participate to improve qualifications and meet the requirements of the school.

Should HA students need or should register for standardized English tests such as TOEFL, IELTS?

If possible, HA students should register to take Toefl or IELTS exams to determine their own English level. These certificates are also a good condition for making study abroad applications for students.

What are the names of the international certification exams that HA students will be able to take?

In High School:

Grade 6: Edexcel Primary

Grade 8: Lower Secondary

Grade 10: IGCSE

In which countries and international school systems are these international certificates recognised? Advantages of International Certificate at HA?

International certificates are recognized in many countries around the world such as the UK, USA, Canada, Australia, Singapore, Japan… Each country has its own list of accredited schools and its own entry requirements. Students who achieve high results in international certification exams will be accepted at top universities around the world.

Parents can consult the requirements of the schools before deciding/advising their child to choose the exam.

What is the cost and procedure to register for these international certificates in HA?

HA students study and test for international certificates at the same time as students in the UK take the exam, usually in May and June every year. All students take the exam to get a certificate. Fees depend on the level of study and subject, and will be calculated in British pounds, the rate of collection according to the financial policy of the school applied for each academic year.

Statistics of exam results of HA students in the years before registering for the above international certificates?

About 80% of students taking the test achieved standard and above standard results. Half of students achieved results higher or equivalent to students in the UK.

What are the qualifications of the school's international teachers?

Hanoi Academy has more than 30 full-time international teachers. 100% of the teachers have international qualifications and teaching experience.

What is the difference and superiority of Hanoi Academy international certificate compared to Cambridge certificate?

The IGCSE certificate is provided by Edexcel of Pearson Education Group, UK, a long-standing educational group, born before Cambridge and with a prestigious reputation


Do students enrolling at the beginning of levels 1, 2, and 3 have to take an exam?

Students entering Hanoi Academy at all levels from Primary to High School are required to take a program knowledge test and interview with Vietnamese and English teachers.

Entry standards of 6th graders?

Pass the school’s entrance test with the result: Math and Literature 6/10. English is at Pre-Intermediate level.

What is the entrance standard of 10th graders?

The total score of two subjects of Literature and Math is >= 11 points with no subject below 4. English meets the school’s entry requirements, equivalent to 4.5 IELTS.

Can foreign students with little or no knowledge of Vietnamese be admitted to HA?

Students of Hanoi Academy will study at the same time two Vietnamese and international programs with two main languages: Vietnamese and English. Students entering Hanoi Academy at all levels from Primary to High School are required to take a knowledge test of Vietnamese and International programs and a face-to-face interview with an International teacher. However, depending on the needs and specific cases, Hanoi Academy will advise and can accept foreign students, in accordance with the school’s study program and the needs of the PHHS.

Does the school have tutoring or support programs to improve Vietnamese language?

The school offers tutoring or support classes to help foreign students improve their Vietnamese language as soon as they enter. They only support their children during school, and when they return home, their families have to actively support their students.

Are students studying two programs at the same time overloaded or not and does the school have any solutions to help students?

Teachers of the Vietnamese program try to prepare lesson plans with the most concise and basic knowledge so that students can reduce the pressure of learning knowledge on the Vietnamese program, helping students have more time to spend with other subjects. In addition, the extracurricular program and life skills are interspersed in the daily study schedule to help children balance their energy and interest in the next learning activity.

Students can acquire knowledge in the form of both learning and practice, so the lessons are not stressful and boring, and at the same time, students can practise and apply many skills in one lesson (presentations, group work etc.) For example: with the history subject of primary school, the assessment of knowledge through the form of acting, the students play the role of historical figures, living in that historical situation will help them, assessing knowledge in a more complete and practical way than how to take the previous assessment test…)

What are the qualifications of the school's Vietnamese teachers?

100% of Vietnamese teachers meet and exceed standards. The teachers all have the necessary qualifications and pedagogical skills in accordance with the teaching requirements of the subjects.

The school’s teachers maintain stability to more than 80%, not adversely affecting the psychology of students.

Evaluate the school's teacher qualifications?

To become teachers of Hanoi Academy, teachers must go through interview rounds at the request of the school (there is a section on teaching lessons for the education board to attend and grade). With experienced and qualified teachers, they will be assigned to teach directly. For young teachers, it is necessary to spend at least 1 year studying as an assistant teacher for the classroom teacher, passing the survey to be the main teacher.

In addition, during the school year, lectures, exams, and unexpected time attendance are held to evaluate, draw lessons, and improve teachers’ expertise.

What is the English level of Vietnamese teachers?

Vietnamese teachers can easily communicate with international teachers. Detailed professional exchanges are supported by a team of teaching assistants.

Currently, the school focuses on recruiting and training Vietnamese teachers who can use English well.

How does the school cooperate to notify parents about their children's learning and activities at school?

Currently, Hanoi Academy is using Bloomz software to communicate and connect with PHHS. PHHS will know the activities of students while they are at school, notices and information from the school sent to PHHS.

In addition, every year, the school organizes official lessons with PHHS including:

Parents meeting between 1st term in November.
Last meeting of term I on Monday.
Midterm meeting II on Wednesday.
Final PH meeting of HKI and final PH meeting of HKII (only for Kindergarten).

In addition, the school also communicates and sends information about the program, menu, learning situation… to PHHS via email on a weekly/monthly basis.

If necessary, the school will also contact and be ready to receive questions from PHHS by phone and email in other cases.

Class regulations for students?

Hanoi Academy classifies students equally according to the number, gender, knowledge level of both TA and TV students. Reasons:

Increase the adaptability, expand the relationship of students

Increase students’ spirit of interaction and mutual support

Standardize students’ knowledge, ensuring they achieve the required general knowledge

Can parents request a change of placement after receiving notice of placement or mid-year?

Class placement is according to the school’s regulations, based on many factors such as number, gender, ability to study Vietnamese and English subjects so that the children have an equal class in all aspects, and support each other in learning. If there is anything that PH finds inappropriate or unsatisfactory, PH please discuss directly with the teacher, the Principal or the Admissions Department so that the School can receive and promptly adjust if the reason for applying for a change of class is reasonable, and accepted by the school.

Do the student's entrance test results affect the student's classification?

Hanoi Academy does not classify students according to their knowledge level. However, students with low English proficiency will be placed in ESP English support classes for support and additional basic knowledge.

In terms of physical education, what subjects will students be taught by grade level?

Students can learn the following physical subjects: Football, basketball, swimming, martial arts, and badminton. Subjects are alternated and arranged according to the timetable of each semester.

Usually 2-4 hours/week.

In addition, the school has a club program of development groups for students in the arts, skills and critical thinking. Each semester, students can study 3 subjects according to registration and in accordance with the school’s schedule.

Can PH attend student's class? What are the specific rules for this?

Parents will not be allowed to enter their children’s daily classes, to avoid distracting the children. If the school has a trial program for students according to the enrollment season, parents can participate.

What are the specific modern learning equipment that the school advertises today?

Including a system of classrooms and function rooms that are synchronously equipped to serve the learning and fun activities of students throughout the school: Classrooms, performance venues, piano lessons, dance lessons, laboratories, library, indoor fitness area (ball court, dance class, table tennis, gym, swimming pool)…

Can the playgrounds at gates 3 & 4 be arranged with sunshades to protect students from the sun?

There are two playgrounds for outdoor fun activities for students, according to specific timeframes. These play areas help the children to be closer to nature, so a roof is not necessary.

Are parents allowed to visit the school kitchen and cafeteria? What are the specific rules for this?

Parents can visit the school’s canteen when they come to learn about the school for their children. However, if some PHs require a detailed visit to the cleaning, processing and food preservation area, the admissions staff need to notify the school kitchen in advance to prepare to receive, to avoid problems as much as possible.

Does the school organize and monitor the import of food from NCC and how?

The school signs a contract for the provision of food services with the Joma service company. They are responsible for providing food and preparing meals for students and staff throughout the school.

The school has a Food Safety Quality Assurance Board including the following components: Health, Services, representatives of the Board of Directors, representatives of parents and students, periodically checking every 2 weeks. In addition, vertical agencies also periodically check once a period.

List of school bus routes?

The school has more than 20 bus routes to transport students around Hanoi, within a radius of 20km from home to school.

See details here

Can Parents sign up for a one-way pick-up or drop-off bus service?

School shuttle is a shuttle to your home or at the pick-up point, including two-way going and returning, not one-way.

Can the school organize an afternoon bus to pick up 1-2 hours later so that students can participate in extracurricular courses or use the library to study?

Currently, the school has a late return bus route. The bus route depends on the students’ addressed and the number of students registered for late activities. 

List and cost for the school's extracurricular subjects?

Every year, the school organizes extracurricular programs including clubs: football, basketball, piano, drawing, badminton, chess, martial arts, cooking… depending on each semester. Notice will be sent to parents registering their children. Estimated tuition fee: 6,500,000 – 7,500,000 VND/semester, depending on the club.

How to nurture physical growth and art?

Currently, the school maintains clubs such as basketball, football, dance, and choir to foster the inherent talents and abilities of students already included in the curriculum. In addition, parents can register their children for after-school clubs to improve the quality of students’ skills. 

What do children get when they attend school?

Safe and modern learning environment;

Comprehensive development in all aspects;

To develop the inherent talents of each individual;

Fully equipped with knowledge to help students achieve the best outcomes in the future;

To use the school’s facilities under the supervision of teachers and staff in the school;

Conditions to enter the school?

Right age for enrollment by grade

Students are physically and mentally healthy

Tested through the school’s entrance interview

Full admission form

Pay the full fee as prescribed

School with low input

Students must take a test (Math, Vietnamese, English) to ensure eligibility for admission to HA.

50% of 12th graders graduate from school to study abroad and in that, up to 60% of students receive scholarships of different levels: 100%, 80% and 50% of the annual tuition fees of foreign universities.

There are many students who won the national prize in the English Olympiad

60% of students use English fluently

80% of middle and high school students can apply information technology to create customized products.

Students of the school lack discipline and discipline

Students greet each other and their teachers politely

Students actively participate in lessons and actively search for materials for lessons

Students confidently voice their opinions, participate in critiques and presentations

Maybe because the children are very independent, confident and still developing, the reaction can sometimes be impulsive and thoughtless, creating an impression that is not standard.

Make sure your children have a positive mindset, know how to work for good things, listen and change if they are taught and persuaded to have the right perception.

Tuition is too high

In the same market segment as WellSpring, Olympia, and SIS, Hanoi Academy’s tuition fees are completely appropriate.

Worthy of what the children receive (Comprehensive and safe learning environment, quality learning, food service, bus, medical…)

Advanced study program: Meets Vietnamese and international standards; Students have good study opportunities, apply for scholarships to study abroad in developed countries

Extracurricular programs are diverse and rich, giving students the opportunity to maximise their individual talents…)