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Education Message

Dear Parents and Students!

Nelson Mandela – The great icon of South Africa once said: “Education is the most powerful weapon that one can use to change the world.” Nelson Mandela’s belief in education has inspired generations, creating big changes for the whole world.

“Educational innovation from the roots … is an essential and timely task for schools in Vietnam.”

Mr. Le Thanh Tung

General Director, President of Hanoi Academy

Education Message

“Knowledge is power, knowledge is the future…”

Me too, during 15 years of living with the profession and generations of hands on building and developing the Hanoi Academy brand, I realized that: Knowledge is power, whoever has knowledge, must have a future. Especially in the trend of globalization and technology era 4.0, education in Vietnam is making strong changes to reach out to the region and the world. Innovating education from the roots, right from the smallest level, building advanced training programs, creating a safe and friendly learning environment, helping students become global citizens is a valuable task. essential and topical for schools in Vietnam.
For parents, we understand that you all want your children to come to school to be more and more intelligent, to develop intellectually, spiritually, academically as well as lifestyle, style and physical strength. .

From that conclusion, Hanoi Academy was built from the love and dedication of the founders. We not only provide students with a comprehensive learning system and an inter-level education model from Kindergarten – Pre-primary – Primary – Middle School – High School, but also provide a fun and comfortable learning environment. Each class is like a happy home, full of laughter, a day in class is a happy day.

“Hanoi Academy has constantly made efforts, striving hard to fulfill the mission entrusted by society…”

From the perspective of teachers, aunts, administrators, and investors in education, we hope to receive the consensus, cooperation and support of all parents across the country because in the near future Over the past 15 years, Hanoi Academy has been constantly striving, striving hard to fulfill the mission entrusted by society.

Not only is the “boat” bringing students to the journey of finding knowledge, Hanoi Academy is proud and committed to providing an ideal learning environment, really trusting, full of love, helping students develop develop comprehensively, promote hidden abilities and lay the foundation of personality for future success.

Best regards!

President of Hanoi Academy