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Pearson Edexcel

Pearson Edexcel is a multinational education and testing organisation in the UK education system, providing teaching, learning and testing programs to more than 90 countries around the world. In the UK alone, Pearson’s program is applied to more than 450 Colleges, Institutes of Education and more than 100 Universities, 500 businesses and 300 other training service providers.

Pearson Edexcel’s most popular training programs in the UK and around the world include the UK’s national education program; A-Level program and BTEC vocational training program. The qualifications offered by Edexcel are highly regarded for their prestige and are recognized by Universities, Colleges, professional organisations, and employers in the UK and over 100 other countries.

Pearson Edexcel is one of Hanoi Academy’s most important strategic partners. In 2013, when Pearson Edexcel and Hanoi Academy signed a strategic cooperation agreement on training and implementing UK educational programs, Hanoi Academy became the official testing center of Pearson Edexcel in Hanoi, with center number 93708.

At Hanoi Academy, Pearson Edexcel’s curriculum is applied from grade 1 to grade 10 with the corresponding certificates including Primary Edexcel for Primary level (from grade 1 to grade 6), Lower Secondary for grade Middle School (grades 7 and 8) and iGCSE for Intermediate (grades 9 and 10). Hanoi Academy is proud to always fully meet the strict requirements of the annual test according to the international standards of OFQUAL and Pearson Edexcel as required.


Cooperation unit

Fieldwork Education

Fieldwork Education is an education unit established in 1984 in the UK which specialises in providing training programs from Kindergarten to Secondary School to more than 1,000 schools in the UK and more than 90 countries around the world. In addition to building and developing curriculum that is accredited by the International Program Association ICA, Fieldwork Education also provides comprehensive services in education consulting, education quality assessment and professional training, education for teachers as well as educational administrators of partner institutions.

Hanoi Academy has more than 10 years of experience in applying, implementing and adapting Fieldwork Education’s IEYC & IPC International Primary and Early Childhood Education programs for the school’s students. Fieldwork Education’s curriculum is built in the form of learning topics around 04 (four) skill/content groups including: Independent & Interactive activities; Communicate; Learning Research and Physical Development and Healthy Lifestyles. The diverse, rich and highly experiential learning activities help students easily acquire knowledge, foster skills, and maintain interest and joy in learning.


Cooperation unit

NCC Education

NCC Education is a program and degree provider in the UK with a history of more than 50 years of construction and development. Up to now, NCC Education has built a network of more than 200 partners in more than 50 countries around the world. NCC Education certificates and degrees – the most prominent of which is the Pre-University Certificate Internationally recognized (IFD) is recognized by more than 80 Universities and educational institutions in the UK, Australia, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand, USA, France, Germany, Japan and Cyprus. In Asia, NCC Education has official testing units/partners in China, Malaysia, Singapore, and Vietnam. Hanoi Academy has become an official test center and is authorised to provide and teach NCC Education’s International Foundation Program (IFD) for students in grades 11 and 12, since 2016.


Cooperation unit

International University Alliance (IUA)

The International University Alliance (IUA) is a network of prestigious universities distributed throughout the United States established with the goal of providing common commitments, processes, and opportunities to support students in the process of applying and studying at universities within the Alliance. Some of the IUA member universities include: University of Illinois (Chicago), Adelphi University, Pacific University, Auburn University, University of Kansas, University of Central Florida, Florida International University, University of the South Carolina, American University (Washington D.C), University of Gonzaga, University of Dayton, University of Mississippi, University of Utah, Umah University Boston, and University of Louisiana. Through cooperation between participating universities, IUA researches, evaluates and decides to link up with organisations and schools around the world with the number of international students that meet the most standards, as determined by the universities in the alliance. Alliance partner schools will enjoy their own benefits which include valuable scholarships for students as well as assistance with the visa application and admission process.