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School psychology counsellingWhere ACER shares feelings

Stemming from the desire to share and take care of mental health, in order to promptly screen, prevent and minimise unwanted consequences from mental health-related problems for students and parents. Recently, Hanoi Academy has built and put into operation the Psychological Counseling Program with the support of experts from the Vietnam-France Institute of Psychology.




Create a safe and reliable space for students to come to whenever they have problems, difficulties and worries in life.


Help parents and teachers share the difficulties and advantages when interacting with their children to help them develop more every day while studying at school.


As a bridge for teachers and parents to combine building and training for students to know how to face and regulate emotions with different problems in life.

Operation Motto

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Listen & Respect

School psychology counselling room acts as a friend of students, ready to listen, share feelings, think about all issues in study and life.

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Ready to listen, share, respect the thoughts and opinions of the students, do not judge or judge.

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All information shared by students and parents with the psychologist will be completely confidential, disclosed only with the consent of the student/parent.

Main activities

  • Psychological counselling for 1 or a group of students who are having difficulty, worried about problems in life, can be stories related to study, family, friends, teachers, interaction society…
  • Training and equipping students with basic skills so that they can solve small everyday problems in life by themselves.
  • Organise workshops, trainings, seminars for parents of students to help parents better understand the child’s psychophysiology and parenting skills.
  • Develop and implement a program to prevent school psychological problems for all teachers and students.
  • Working with families, teachers and schools to find solutions that meet the mental health needs of students.

“Students are currently facing pressure from many sides, along with physical and psychological changes in the developmental stages that also affect their mental stability.

Understanding that, our school wishes and urgently plans to build a School Psychology Department at the school, in consultation with experts from the Vietnam-France Institute of Psychology.”


Team of psychologists

Psychology Department Hanoi Academy



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