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Student Health and Welfare Student Health and Welfare

Student Health and Welfare

Student Health and Safety
is the TOP priority and responsibility of Hanoi Academy

Hanoi Academy ensures that all school activities from recruitment, staff management, students, campus security, are focused on maintaining the highest standards of health care to assure the safety of all students, staff and parents.

The Maintenance & Facilities departments regularly work with homeroom teachers and subject teachers to find potential hazards for timely solutions inside and outside the classroom. At Hanoi Academy, students are guaranteed absolute safety and fun during their time at school.

Student welfare

Hanoi Academy aims to provide mental health benefits, and identify learning difficulties and other problems of students for timely support:

  • Students are allowed to participate in all activities in the school, have access to the necessary materials for the purpose of training a healthy mind and body.
  • The bilingual curriculum is specially designed, which is the foundation for students to become global citizens in the industrial revolution 4.0.
  • Flexible curriculum, advanced teaching methods help students develop comprehensively socially, physically, psychologically, as well as bring them happy and meaningful moments under the roof of Hanoi Academy.

Medical Care
Enthusiastic & Fast 

  • The school’s medical staff is highly qualified, enthusiastic and responsible.
  • Medical facilities are open throughout the school day to meet the basic health needs of students as well as teachers.
  • Medical staff at the school are constantly improving their professional skills by training courses and specialised training to support students at the right time when they need it most.

Focus on
taking care of Student Psychology 

At Hanoi Academy, psychological health is associated with cultural education, which is the foundation for the comprehensive development of each student. Therefore, psychological care for students is always paid the proper attention.

  • Prioritise the development of confidence, resilience, respect, and empathy for each student.
  • Physical activity, regular out-of-classroom activities, safe and nutritious food, appropriate learning programs, etc., help students feel healthier and happier.
  • Each teacher of Hanoi Academy acts as a psychological consultant. Based on teaching, direct contact with students, teachers can support students at any time when they show signs of stress or anxiety.

Child Safety and
Protection Policy

Hanoi Academy believes that children’s interests are paramount. Children can only learn best when they feel safe. Therefore, Hanoi Academy:

  • Maintains a healthy, crime-free educational environment where students feel completely safe when they come to school.
  • Always listens: Encourage children to express their views, share their feelings, voice their opinions and be listened to by teachers in the school when they have difficulties or feel worried about anything.
  • Raise awareness of school safety: Help children raise awareness about school safety, abuse, harassment, bullying and how to deal with it through learning and extra-curricular activities.

School Counseling & School Care staff

With the goal that students are always taken care of, the school counselling and care staff is always conscious of working closely with the Board of Directors, the Vietnamese homeroom teacher, and the International homeroom teacher to capture information and concerns, and promptly handle if problems arise.


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