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Student leadership - Expand

HASC Home and Student Council System

1. Mission/Goal of the Student Council

  • HASC is an organisation run by Primary (Grades 4,5), Middle School and High School students at Hanoi Academy. The purpose of HASC’s establishment is to provide a platform for students’ ideas and concerns to be shared with the Counselor and School Board, thereby giving students a voice in the direction and plan of the school. HASC aims to train students in various skills including leadership, teamwork, organisation, planning and negotiation skills.
  • HASC plans activities which bring benefits to Hanoi Academy and the whole community such as the HA Oscars, HA Halloween, HA Christmas programs, community projects, cultural and identity projects, etc.
  • HASC members are also representatives of students’ voices, sharing issues related to school life that will be resolved by the Advisory Council and the School Board.

Organisational Structure and Activities of the Student Council

2.1 Organisational structure

  • The innovative organisational structure of the Student Council includes the structure of 3 House systems, and the Professional Club. Each House includes House of Water, House of Air, House of Earth with a total membership of about 60-70 students. Professional clubs with a maximum of 30 members/club.
  • HASC has an Advisory Council consisting of teachers from Kindergarten, Primary, Middle School and High School. Each House has 3 advisors in charge, and each club has 01 professional advisor in charge. The Advisory Council will give comments/suggestions on students’ ideas, advise the Board of Directors in managing the council’s issues, meet weekly to check HASC’s activities, and assist the Presidents, Vice Presidents and Heads of House in the administration.

2.2 Organisational Structure HASC

2.3 Roles and responsibilities of the Committees

2.3.1 Board of Directors

  • The Leadership Board consists of 04 members: Student Council President, Vice President and Secretary and Treasurer. The Board of Directors meets weekly with the Heads to share ideas about the school’s activities in general. The President and Vice-Chairman will listen to the House Heads’ report on the House’s activities and give comments/advice/suggestions.
  • The Chairman and Vice President are also responsible for drafting and submitting HASC proposals/reports. In addition, the President and Vice-President must provide guidance to the Heads of House when having problems as well as support the members of the Association in general. The President and Vice President meet with the Advisory Council once a week to report on the activities of the committees and the Association in general. The President and Vice President must be high school students.
  • The Secretary and the Treasurer have two main responsibilities: finance and administration. Financial responsibilities include budgeting, reporting results and regularly checking the Society’s annual income statements, etc. Administrative responsibilities include taking attendance, recording meeting minutes, and sending notices of deadlines for assignments.

2.3.2 The role of the house

  • The houses in Hanoi Academy’s HASC system include three elements: Earth, Sky, Ocean. The classes in each house are named after the animals that correspond to each element. With the system throughout from Kindergarten to High School, the three-house system includes: Air House, Water House, and Earth House, who are always responsible for planning events and projects of the Association. And allocating tasks and deadlines for Association members, communicating with key stakeholders about the event, and following up on tasks promptly.

2.3.3 The role of the Glee Club



Media Club


Glee Club



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