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Hanoi Academy rewarded the Science Team’s teachers for their outstanding achievements in fostering students

  • 06/05/2020

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In recent days, both teachers and students of Hanoi Academy are still feeling joyful after achieving outstanding results in the HKISO 2020 International Science Olympiad. In overall, Hanoi Academy Secondary and Highschool students successfully won 06 Gold prizes, 02 Silver prizes, 05 Bronze prizes and 02 Consolation prizes, of which Truong Son Nguyen (8Lion) students being awarded 2nd in the whole country and Mai Linh Nguyen (11Lion) is one of 4 students winning the national gold prize of grade 11).

In order to accomplish these achievements, teachers also play an important role, in addition to students efforts. Accompanying Olympic Science team are teachers who have many years of experience and has worked with Hanoi Academy for a long time including:

  • Ms Thuy Ha Vu – Math Teacher
  • Ms Hoa Le – Chemistry Teacher
  • Ms Thuy Nguyen –  Physics Teacher
  • Ms Hong Nhung Hoang – Physics Teacher
  • Ms Thao Nguyen – Biology Teacher
  • Ms Trang Nguyen – Biology Teacher.
Hanoi Academy

Hanoi Academy rewarded the Science Team’s teachers for their outstanding achievements in fostering students

What made the Acers achieve good results in the HKISO 2020 when they were unable to go to school during the social distancing period? Find out more below:

During the time when the epidemic occurs, how did the students achieve high results?

Ms Thuy Nguyen: Thanks to their good background knowledge and the students themselves have made tremendous efforts in reviewing. Although the learning activities were interrupted, Hanoi Academy teachers always accompanied and supported students using Google Classroom, Quizizz, Edpuzzle.

What do you think about Hanoi Academy students?

Ms Hoa Le: During my time working at Hanoi Academy, I realized that the students of Hanoi Academy had a really good English background and actively searched and discovered new knowledge. Children are fully developed under the Hanoi Academy roof. I believe they can and will achieve more in the future.

In your opinion, what others factors that help Hanoi Academy students obtain extraordinary results in this competition?

Ms Hong Nhung Hoang: Speaking of the success of the contest, it is impossible not to mention the potential & the efforts of the students and the enthusiastic support from parents over the past time. At Hanoi Academy, students are always oriented to develop their natural capacity to learn, which allows students to experience and explore knowledge. Science teachers hope the children will always try and dare to express themselves. Acers always have teachers and families close by.

It is known that after the results, the Board of Directors has made a special decision to reward the science teachers, please share with me your current feelings?

Ms Thao Nguyen: Science Teachers is glad and proud of their student’s achievements. We would like to thank the attention and recognition of the Board of Directors; timely support and encouragement from the school administration. The timely encouragement and reward of the Board of Directors is a very meaningful gift, creating motivation for teachers and children to continue trying.

This achievement is the clearest evidence of the quality of teaching and learning of Hanoi Academy teachers and students, confirming the value and enthusiasm of teachers in the educational career and the position of Hanoi Academy compared to specialized and bilingual schools in Vietnam.

Congratulations on this accomplishment of the Science Teachers and the students, Ms Nguyen Thi Thanh Nhan – Principal of the Secondary School shared: “Sincere congratulations to Hanoi Academy Science team for their wholehearted encouragement for students.

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