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Hanoi Academy offers scholarships for students with outstanding achievements

  • 11/05/2020

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The Hanoi Academy Scholarship Fund, with a total budget above 1b VND, is awarded annually to Hanoi Academy students with excellent academic achievements from District to International level.

Hanoi Academy offers scholarships for students with outstanding achievements

Hanoi Academy offers scholarships for students with outstanding achievements

The scholarships are awarded to students as a gift to praise and encourage students to achieve greater results. This is also a recognition of the school for parents – those who have trusted, accompanied Hanoi Academy, and always stood by and supported with their children to achieve these proud achievements.

List of students receiving scholarships include:

Students’ names Class Results Competition/Olympiad names Amount
1 Hoàng Diệu Trang 10 Lion 2nd Place JA International Trade Challenge Asia Pacific Finals 40,000,000
2 Nguyễn Minh Thu 4Falcon Silver medal Asia Arts Festival 40,000,000
3 Ngô Thị Mai Hoa 10Lion Top 3 JA International Trade Challenge 20,000,000
4 Trịnh Tường Vy 12Lion National Round JA International Trade Challenge 15,000,000
5 Nguyễn Hà Khánh Nam 11Orca National Round JA International Trade Challenge 15,000,000
6 Lê Nhật Anh 10Orca 1st Place Crystal Growing Competition 2019 30,000,000
7 Ngô Khánh Linh 10Orca 2nd Place 25,000,000
8 Lưu Trường Giang 12Lion 3rd Place 20,000,000
9 Cù Huy Khánh Ngọc 12Lion 2nd Place 25,000,000
10 Cao Khánh Lâm 11Orca 2nd Place Crystal Growing Competition 2019 30.000.000
11 Bronze medal HKISO 2019 – Final Round
12 Nguyễn Hiền Phương 6Shark Gold Medal HKISO 2019 – Final Round 30,000,000
13 Vũ Hoàng Bảo Trân 7Orca Gold Medal 30,000,000
14 Trần Nhật Anh 7Shark Gold Medal 30,000,000
15 Phan Ngọc Thuỳ Dương 7Shark Gold Medal 30,000,000
16 Nguyễn Đức Trường Sơn 8Lion Gold Medal 30,000,000
17 Nguyễn Ngọc Mai Linh 11Lion Gold Medal 30,000,000
18 Hoàng Gia Huy 8Orca Silver Medal 25,000,000
19 Nguyễn Minh Trang 10Orca Silver medal 25,000,000
20 Trần Bảo Anh 6Eagle Bronze medal 20,000,000
21 Nguyễn Đăng Thái Minh 6Falcon Bronze medal 20,000,000
22 Lê Vũ Anh Minh 6Falcon Bronze medal 20,000,000
23 Trần Duy Phúc 10Orca Bronze medal 20,000,000
24 Vũ Nguyễn Đức Anh 6Shark Consolation prizes 15,000,000
25 Nguyễn Lê Việt Hoàng 8Orca Consolation prizes 15,000,000
26 Nguyễn Quang Trí 10Lion 1st Place Vietnam Open Youth tournament 30,000,000
27 Đinh Vũ Minh Ngọc 2Cheetah 2nd Place Yoga for Teens Nationwide. 25,000,000
28 Bùi Minh An 9Eagle 2nd Place National Excellent Student Competition (English) 20,000,000
City Round

English Olympiad

City Round TOEFL Junior Challenge
29 Nguyễn Lê Minh Long 9Eagle City Round

English Olympiad

30 Nguyễn Thảo Anh 9Lion City Round 5,000,000
31 Nguyễn Minh Đức 9Shark City Round 5,000,000
32 Lê Thu Ngân 9Shark City Round English Olympiad 10,000,000
TOEFL Junior Challenge
33 Vũ Hồng Đức Anh 9Lion TOEFL Junior Challenge 5,000,000
34 Vũ Bạch Hạ Lan 8Eagle 5,000,000
35 Lương Ngọc Vân 2Cheetah

Year Award

Global art 15,000,000
36 Nguyễn Kiều An 5Rhino City Round TOEFL Primary Challenge 5,000,000
37 Hà Duy Khánh Trung 5Rhino City Round 5,000,000
38 Nguyễn Tư Vinh 5Rhino City Round 5,000,000
39 Nguyễn Khôi 5Rhino City Round 5,000,000
40 Trương Bách Lâm 5Shark Consolation prizes Hanoi Piano Festival 5,000,000
41 Vũ Đặng Quang Huy 9Shark 1st Place District Annual Swimming Tournament 5,000,000
42 Vũ Phương Linh 9Eagle 1st Place 5,000,000
43 Nguyễn An Cát Khánh 9Shark 1st Place 5,000,000
44 Nguyễn Duy Anh 6Eagle 1st Place 5,000,000
45 Đinh Quốc Bảo Lâm 6Lion 1st Place 5,000,000
46 Đỗ Thùy Dương 6Shark 1st Place 5,000,000
47 Nguyễn Linh Anh 6Eagle 1st Place 5,000,000

*The scholarship is not redeemable for cash and is not transferable.

Once again, Hanoi Academy congratulates the students who have achieved outstanding academic achievements in the past school year. Hopefully, with this valuable award, the students will always tried to continuously broaden their knowledge, bring pride and joy to families and school.

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