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Art contest – Hanoi Academy’s student character values

  • 15/05/2020

In order to help students understand Hanoi Academy positive character traits better, the school organized an art contest with the prize value up to 12m VND. 

Art contest - Hanoi Academy's student character values

Art contest – Hanoi Academy’s student character values


**Contest Details:

– Colours used:

  • TRUSTWORTHINESS: Blue – The colour of faith
  • RESPECT: Yellow – The golden rule
  • RESPONSIBILITY: Green – The colour of cultivation, of a firm foundation like a great tree
  • FAIRNESS: Orange – The colour of the oranges sharing together
  • CARING: Red – The colour of the heart
  • CITIZENSHIP: Purple – The colour of the nations and the community

**Who and how to participate:

  • 5-6 students from the same home system can form a team.
  • The group leader sent member info to Ms Joey to register:

** Submission requirements:

  • Submissions are presented on 1 page, without any limitation of tools. Candidates can draw on paper by hand (pencil, watercolour, oil paint, etc.) or draw with 2D or 3D graphics software (Illustrator, Photoshop …).
  • For hand-drawn entries, candidates need to shoot or scan neatly and sharply, avoid shadow, and crop carefully so as not to include related objects such as desks, pencils, etc. Original drawings are required to be drawn on A3, A4 paper sizes.
  • For graphic software submissions, the minimum size is 1280x720px (72dpi and above).
  • Submissions must include sharing messages about design ideas, not exceeding 300 words.

**Entry time

  • Entry time: 21/05/2020
  • Deadline: 18/06/2020

**Scoring method

  • 60% of the vote from teachers and students Hanoi Academy
  • 40% from the Board of Examiners.

The contest will be a great opportunity for the Acers to unleash their creativity and receive valuable gifts. Wish you will be able to fully express the core values ​​of Hanoi Academy students with the most unique ideas.

See more information Hanoi Academy: here

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