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Announcement: College board postponed the SAT test on May 8, 2021

  • 07/05/2021

On May 6, College Board officially postponed the SAT exam in May, due to the spread of the Covid epidemic. These complicated situations lead to much anxiety and confusion among parents and students about preparing for standardized exams.

The College Board is committed to organizing the SAT make-up test as soon as the epidemic subsides. Students should regularly update their status from the College Board. Hanoi Academy will continue to update information from the College Board and promptly keep up with the changes. 

During this time, Hanoi Academy advises students to have an appropriate exam preparation strategy. Rather than rushing, candidates should study steadily and do the mock exam regularly to maintain performance. It is important to keep studying until the institutions have scheduled exams again in the summer.

We hope that the parents and candidates will pay attention and sympathy for this reason of force majeure! We hope you are staying healthy and safe.

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