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Sweet memories

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  • 30/05/2017

Many words, many things the students of grade 5 want to say at the end of the school year. They had a lot of memories together. Bad memories or good memories, happy or sad, crazy or boring… whatever all of them are Sweet memories in our mind…

“Dear 5A3,

I want to tell that I have had a lot of memories with you guys. When I first was in class, I was so shy. When the time has gone, I am not shy anymore. Now I have a lot of new friends like Kien, Son and Huy. When I practiced dancing, you guys taught me a lot about stage performance. And we had a big party and ate BBQ on Kien birthday, I was so fun. When there were a lot of people at the party, you guys teased me a lot but it was fun.

When we had a football match you guys were so laborious. When we did English tests, you said that was plodding for you. But I thought you had to brain storm. But all I want to say is that in the coming year I want to learn with you!!!”

Duy Anh – 5A3

“My name is Viet Anh from 5A1. Less than 1 month, me and my friends will say goodbye to 5 years in Primary school. I felt exciting to be in grade 6, the first class of the new school education level also known as Secondary school or middle school. I think Primary school is one of the most important educatioon level, where we begin to learn knowledge education. If we don’t have Primary school, so how we suppose to learn in grade 6, 10… So that’s why we need to learn the simple first then the difficult later. That’s why Primary is important. And I won’t forget my friends, my teachers, my interesting lesson… I hope my friends will learn with me next year!”

Viet Anh – 5A1

“It’s nearly the end of the year, a year of grade 5 has nearly past. I will really miss all my friends and my teacher Ms. Trang. We are like a family together. I will remember all the fun we had with our teachers and friends, all the happy, sad memory we had together in this class 5A1. I will remember each and every member in this class 5A1, even if we are far or close. I will remember each teacher that teach me in different kinds of fun and interesting way. I hope that even if we are far away, we will still talk in different ways together, because we are like a family together. I love my class 5A1”

Cindy Tran – 5A1

“My feelings when the end of Primary almost end is very sad but I want sent to everyone this message: “Everybody needs to study. Without study, people can’t work. My target is Maths and English. What is your target?” I just want when finish grade 5, I will have certificate.”

Gia Bao – 5A2

“Hello everyone! Today, I’d like to talk about my feelings, being a 5th grader almost 6th. Firstly, I will miss my teachers and my friends who would move away next year. I would always think about the good memories we had together and I would like to thank all for being such awesome and so understanding. Thank you for giving me such a good time. You will always be in my heart!”

Ha Lan – 5A1

“The last year of primary is about to end. We all don’t know if we could see each other again but deep in my heart I will always remember Ms Trang – a really nice and funny person and Mr Mike too – a really serious and nice person. Last but no least, my friends the most thing that I care about, I don’t know if they will be with me or not but I will always remember than I love my second family – 5A1.”

Ha Anh – 5A1

We always remember memories all of things we had in Primary school now and forever!

Students of Grade 5 – Hanoi Academy primary school

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