“Hello grade 1” Summer Program

With the hope of providing children with a fun and engaging experience this summer, Hanoi Academy Primary School is proud to offer our ‘Hello Grade 1’ program. This program is designed to provide fun and engaging lessons to promote a love of learning, and with plenty of exciting activities to keep children interested and excited. ‘Hello Grade 1’ has been specially made for kindergarten students transitioning into Grade 1 in the next academic year. Not only will the children benefit from our fun English and Vietnamese lessons, but they will also have the opportunity to explore exciting topics through our Life Skills and Club lessons (Science, Biology, Music, Art…). This program is aimed to prepare the children taking part with the knowledge, skills, and attitude necessary to be successful in Grade 1.

“Hello grade 1” Summer Program

Time: From 8:00 – 15:50, from Monday to Friday

  • Course 1: 10/06/2019 – 28/06/2019
  • Course 2: 01/07/2019 – 19/07/2019

Location: Hanoi Academy International Bilingual School

Tuition fee: 7.260.000đ

Food service: 1.740.000đ

Registration and payment deadline: 15/05/2019

Special Offer:

  • 10% tuition fee discount for student that has registered and paid before April 30th 2019.
  • 20% tuition fee discount for Hanoi Academy student that has registered and paid for the course before April 30th 2019.

Register for the  “Welcome to Grade 1” Summer Camp: Here

Program: 7 lessons/a day

Morning classes: Learn with Fun




8:00 – 8:30



8:30 – 8:50

Welcome – Warm-up


Lesson 1

Get to know Math / Vietnamese

Developing basic knowledge, essential skills and creating excitement for school through fun activities in Maths and Vietnamese.

Lesson 2,3

Fun with English

Engaging activities to work on basic skills necessary for Grade 1, exploration of science topics, fun craft projects, physical exercise and storytelling.


Break time

Teachers supervise students.

Lesson 4

Get to know Math / Vietnamese

Developing basic knowledge, essential skills and creating excitement for school through fun activities in Maths and Vietnamese.



Routine procedure for lunch time in the canteen.


Nap time

Story time for 15 minutes.

Afternoon Classes: Get excited with teamwork





Personal hygiene – Go back to class

Movement Games

Lesson 5

Experience Clubs

Drawing, singing, creating…Our clubs will help children to feel comfortable and happy to explore their personal interests and talents.

Lesson 6

Sport Activities

Physical exercise and activities to develop movement skills through taking part in popular sports.


Snack time

Students have snacks in the canteen.

Lesson 7

Experience Life Skills

Learning and practicing how to take care of themselves and become more independent. Boosting confidence when working in groups and developing good teamwork strategies.

15:50 – 16:00


Reminders of what students need to know for the next day and time to say goodbye.

Main Objectives:

  • Math: Students will be able to use numbers, maths symbols, make comparisons, identify shapes… and they will beginning forming critical mathematical thinking such as problem solving.
  • Vietnamese: Students will learn how to hold a pen correctly, put the notebook properly on the desk and sit nicely. They will learn the alphabet through games; They will learn to write by practicing with letter formation, writing on the line and including the tone marks.
  • English: Students will become familiar with the second language; They will learn to recall key vocabulary, use basic sentence structures and communicate in English.
  • Experience Clubs: Student will enjoy clubs related to Music, Art, Sports, ICT, Chess, and Science.
  • Life Skills: Students will learn to grow in confidence, and practice their individual student and school routine. They will form a self-awareness of expectations in school and in family life.

At Hanoi Academy we understand the difficulties that many students face when transitioning from Kindergarten to Primary. It is a big step up and each year we find a need to support new Grade 1 students with learning the alphabet, number sense, beginning to read, and writing. We understand that one of ways that we can help children to study well at primary school is to prepare them for the changes to come. We can do this by introducing children to the daily routines of the school, and showing them how to respond to different situations, manage their feelings, encourage social interactions and understand the expectations of them as a student.          

On completion of the course, your child should be well on the way to developing the basic skills for primary education such as listening, focusing, following instructions and problem-solving. We hope that it will allow your child to start Grade 1 strong, and feeling prepared.

Register for the  “Welcome to Grade 1” Summer Camp: Here

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