Hanoi Academy recruited a new blology teacher – Can he make a difference ?

Mr. Pham Van Giap, who is the new Biology teacher, is getting a lot of esteem from his students. With his energetic personality, every lesson with him is full of laughter Hanoi Academy

Project 1 Hanoi Academy recruited a new blology teacher – Can he make a difference ?

Mr. Pham Van Giap Hanoi Academy

Even though Mr Giap joined our school only 3 months ago, he has gained the students’ esteem for not only his special teaching methods but also his enthusiastic personality and breezy manner. Lots of students like him and enjoy how he manages to provide knowledge so creatively. On the other hand, some might think he is not strict and serious enough. “Some people think that I am an easy going person but actually I am not, I work seriously and carefully with my passion, especially teaching.”he said. Although there are still some arguments about Mr. Giap and his particular teaching strategies, the fact that he is trying his best to do his job and to improve his teaching methods is undeniable.

       As a new teacher, this is the first time Mr Giap works in a bilingual school, he stated that: “At first I was so excited about the new school, then the students. My first positive impression is probably the students here. They are so confident and friendly as well. The teachers are very enthusiastic too.”

Project 2 Hanoi Academy recruited a new blology teacher – Can he make a difference ?

Mr. Giap in his own  “Tropical Zone Fruits & Flowers Fair And Exhibition” activity

       Every teachers have their own expectations about their students, and so does Mr Giap. He expects that his students all have a clear goal and suitable plans to study.“Remembering knowledge is just basic, students should digest it and apply in reality in order to improve every skills.he shared.

With his unique teaching style, Mr Giap helps his students to approach knowledge in an unusual, exciting but effective way. Instead of spending the whole period just learning and copying definitions or drawing diagrams, he allows his students to dance, listen to music, chat or relax for a while in order to ease the intense atmosphere. But when it’s learning time, he aks his students to stay as focused as possible and to take the lesson seriously. Trinh Minh Tam from 7A2 – one of Mr Giap’s students has stated that: Being educated by  Mr Giap is a unique and refreshing experience. In his lessons, he makes us feel very comfortable, but also we can absorb the knowledge very easily. ”

Project 3 Hanoi Academy recruited a new blology teacher – Can he make a difference ?

Mr. Giap in one of Hanoi Academy’s activities

When being asked about his teaching strategies, Mr Giap responded: Completing and changing teaching methods are the most important keys. In order to gain the best results, teachers need to understand and care for their students. As students love and have passion to open their hearts, knowledge will flow into their mind naturally. That explains why he had been trying so hard to improve his methods of providing knowledge to develop skills for his students. As a teacher, he wants to give them the best chance to improve themselves and to become better citizens. Mr Giap also decided that he will improve his major and achieve a PhD certificate in the future.

       “I consider being a teacher as my destiny. Seeing students’ happiness is what I love most about my job. It makes me feel relieved and happy to see my students becoming more mature and successful.” As Mr. Giap said, becoming a teacher is his destiny, we can all see how adorABLE he is at his job. We, students from Hanoi Academy, hope that Mr.Giap will not only be successful in being a teacher but also become successful in everything he is doing and everything he loves!   

By Phuong Anh, Lan Phuong, Minh Hoang(Sylvester) – 8A1 Hanoi Academy

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