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English, my favorite subject

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  • 27/11/2017

English is one of my favorite subject, so I always get excited when I learn English, but Mr. David makes it even more interesting. He doesn’t teach us in a boring way, he tries to make the lesson into an interactive and a very fun lesson. He is very friendly and creative, and also very nice. That’s why everybody in my class loves him.

     In English, we have 3 different subjects: Maths, English and Science. In Maths, although this is a boring subject, but when we learn with Mr. David, I feel this subject is interesting and very useful. The lessons are no longer jejune.

    In English, we learn about poems. But not in the normal way. We can make our own poems, and even rap our own raps. Of course it is not easy, but I have learned lots of things in that topic, about how to write a poem, learn about rhythm and rhyme, and types of poems. Now our class are learning about museums, a great topic. I learned a lot of new words about the topic.

     In Science, we learn about life cycle and stages of the life cycle. We learned about complete and incomplete metamorphosis, and lots of useful vocabulary words. In the last topic, we did a science experiment. We planted beans and now it is still alive after we move the plant to a new place to live.

     English is my favorite subject because it is very interesting, everything is great, thanks to Mr. David, so we want to say: Thank you for teaching us, you deserve to be the best English teacher in my class!

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