Mission & Vision

Since the history of mankind, communities have been formed by people who share similar values and practices. We are proud to be national citizens who are born within the territory of our countries, and have a well-informed understanding of our national values regarding morality, society and history.

However, being assessed on a global scale, the uniformity of these values is much less significant due to geographical, linguistic, economical and religious divides. Such discrepancies are barriers to the fulfilment of the “Global citizenship” concept that we all hear so much about these days, and in turn pose important questions: “who are global citizens and what are their roles?”

The increasingly connected world is turning all of us into global citizens before we even know it, and whether we want it or not. The real question here is do we accept this fact actively or passively?  Drivers such as globalization, the development of information technology and global communications require each of us to correspondingly change our approach to problem solving and play a more active role in dealing with global issues. When the locally confined thinking has proved obsolete, people with the skills, knowledge, vision and mind for worldwide integration will undoubtedly be global elites.

The aforementioned barriers are there to be overcome by active global citizens whose roles are to jointly build a better world by researching and working on ways to make contribution to alleviating international issues including, but not limited to humanity, poverty and equality. Recognizing this, educators now have to fulfill an important mission of nurturing individuals who possess said qualities for a sustainable future.  With a unique academic philosophy continually cultivated from research and practice, experienced staff and teachers and equipped with unrivalled infrastructure, Hanoi Academy are up for this mission.

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