Secondary & High school

Secondary & High school

Our teachers embody:

  • Experience in the field of education
  • Devotion to the education and personal growth of their students 
  • Motivation and enthusiasm for teaching students
  • Awareness of international and Vietnamese culture and values

Mr Kendal Patrick Rolley/ Professional Development and Quality Assurance Coordinator

Mr Kendal Patrick Rolley
  • Nationality: Australian
  • Time in Hanoi: 7 years
  • Time at HA: 6th year

I hold a Masters of Applied Linguistics and have been teaching at Hanoi Academy since 2012. This year I’m looking forward to settling into my new role of PDQA Coordinator, and having the opportunity to facilitate collaborative workshops and sessions that can help teachers achieve their best with their students.

One final interesting thing about myself is that I speak French to an Intermediate level and I am currently learning Japanese. I try to stay active with language learning as it helps me to understand the experiences our students go through.

Mr Ian Stuckey/ ICT Coordinator

Mr Ian Stuckey
Nationality: British

Time in Hanoi: 13years

Time at HA: 5th year

With a background in IT, I have been a teacher for over 15 years, and am highly qualified with both a Post Graduate Certificate of Education, and a Master’s degree in Educational Technology. Via the use of technology in their learning, it is important to me that children are explicitly taught skills that will enable them to succeed in a knowledge economy, and those that they will need to be safe in their digital lives now, as well as in the future. My classes emphasise the importance of collaboration and critical thinking using authentic materials to develop problem-solving skills, putting the students at the centre of their learning.

Mr Todd J Lando/ IFD Coordinator

Mr Todd J Lando


Nationality: American

Time in Hanoi: 12 years

Time at HA: 4th year

I have worked in many countries and taught a wide variety of students and subjects. I have been spending his academic career in Vietnam since 2007, focusing on the delivery of the International Foundation Diploma Program, which aids Vietnamese students in transitioning into domestic and international universities. With tools such as collaborative learning, demonstrative learning, group work and participation, students will be best equipped for university life.

This academic year, I aim to make lasting impressions on the students by providing academic knowledge that will help them grow and transferring the skills that they can use in their immediate educational goals and future careers.

Mr Thomas Brennan/ Secondary & Highschool Teacher

Mr Thomas Brennan


Nationality: Ireland

Time at Hanoi Academy: 1 year

I believe learning should be fun and challenging. I’ve been a student all my life and will continue to be one for the rest of my life. I’m a curious person by nature and encourage my students to ask questions as much as possible. I’ve learned much through the mistakes I’ve made and cultivate a classroom where students are not afraid of asking questions or getting the answer wrong. In terms of material I like to keep it varied and relevant with good examples always backing up theory and concept. I’m an empathetic teacher who cares about his students. I want to nourish their growth and development and would hope they can always approach me with any issues they might have.

Ms Joanna Marx/ Secondary & Highschool Teacher

Ms Joanna Marx


Nationality: Zimbabwe

Time at Hanoi Academy: 1 year

I am currently studying an Msc in Psychology. As a teacher, I want students to think creatively and critically about the world. I encourage them to apply what we learn in literature to their own experiences, and to develop their empathic and reasoning faculties when encountering new narratives. I believe that every student can fall in love with literature, and that mastery of language occurs when paired with a strong reading habit! I strive to ensure my classroom is a safe space for sharing opinions and allowing students to feel valued and respected as individuals.

I am most looking forward to seeing students develop not only their subject knowledge and academic skills, but also their self-confidence, growth, and sense of individuality.

Ms Duyen Nguyen/ Biology Teacher

Ms Duyen Nguyen

Ms Hong Diem Ngo/ Math Teacher

Ms Hong Diem Ngo

Mr Simon Brill/ Secondary & Highschool Teacher

Mr Simon Brill

Quốc tịch: South Africa

Time at HA: 1 year

I have wanted to become a teacher for as long as I can remember. I never had any ambition to be anything other than a teacher. I come from a long line of teachers and lecturers, so I suppose it runs in the blood. As an individual, I love to learn and acquire new skills; furthermore, it brings me great pleasure to share my knowledge with others. Teaching gives me the opportunity to learn new skills and educate others who wish to learn these skills as well. I am also a nurturing and optimistic person, as I enjoy seeing others succeed where they once failed. Furthermore, I am a positive person who prefers to see the best in people and I have a lot of faith in others. Teaching is my calling, I was born to teach… and it is what I will do for the rest of my life.

I am very eager to begin learning how to speak Vietnamese and to learn about the culture of the Vietnamese people. Growing up as a minority in an African country has not only taught me to be patient, given me a thick skin, and taught me to work hard; it has also taught me to be considerate towards others, especially those who are less fortunate than me. I am a very proud individual and what you see is what you get. My style of teaching is a “work smart” approach, and my discipline methods are firm but fair.

Mr Rahul Campbell/ English Literature Teacher

Mr Rahul Campbell

Nationality: British

Time in Hanoi: 3 years

Time at HA: 2nd year

My teaching Philosophy is to create an environment where students are cared for holistically and are able to express all aspects of themselves. I strive to promote student centred learning by empowering students to take responsibility for their learning. I believe students should be rewarded for all positive outcomes, and we should be flexible in our approach to education.

An interesting thing about me is that I began my teaching career working with young people who were disengaged with education and society and often had problematic backgrounds. This ignited my passion for helping young people overcome adversity and I learned skills which I have carried with me until now.

Ms Trisha Law/ Maths and DL Teacher

Ms Trisha Law

Nationality: Canadian 

Time at HA: 2nd year

Canada. I lived for two years teaching mathematics near Windsor, England before moving to Hanoi last year. I have been interested in teaching from a young age and was always the first to volunteer for projects where I could teach or be involved with children. I discovered I had a brain for mathematics in high school whilst acting as a tutor and teaching assistant, my passion only blossomed from there with the aid of wonderful teachers. I am dedicated to getting to know my students, giving them valuable support both in and out of the classroom setting, and helping them to reach their full potential. I am determined, enthusiastic, and passionate about mathematics and higher education. My goal is to try to pass along the language and beauty of mathematics to my students and inspire them to keep learning even when they find it difficult.

I am looking forward to continuing to grow both professionally as a teacher and personally through my experiences in Vietnam. I hope to be involved with all of the amazing staff and students to make this year great for them as well. As well, I am hoping to continue coaching the middle school girls basketball team and reach new heights in terms of skills and team work with all new and returning members.

Mr Ba Lich Pham/ Laboratory Staff

Mr Ba Lich Pham

Ms Leana Swart/ Science and Digital Literacy teacher

Ms Leana Swart

Nationality: South Africa

Time at HA: 2nd year

This is my second year at Hanoi Academy and I am really looking forward to working with the science team to expand our science program at the school. Our laboratories are ready and waiting for secondary school students to explore and learn more about the world around them through science.

For me, the ideal classroom environment is student-centered where I can facilitate and support students to be actively engaged in the learning process. I set high expectations for my students and encourage them to strive for improvement. I aim to cultivate a positive attitude towards learning in my science classroom and create a space for exploration and discovery. I believe every student is different and my goal is to help each student to use their unique skills and abilities to reach their full potential.



Ms Jennifer Joyce/ Maths and DL Teacher

Ms Jennifer Joyce

Nationality: Irish

Time at HA: 2nd year

I am a passionate Scientist, in the past, I have worked as a University Lecturer and Researcher in Science but teaching is an even greater passion of mine. My teaching philosophy is that there is no education without inspiration. I love to teach, whether the subject is Science or Math or general life lessons outside the classroom. I became a teacher to inspire future Scientists and Mathematicians. I believe students are in a school to learn so much more than just the standard subjects but to develop into responsible, successful and well-rounded citizens of the world.

Ms Michelle Donald/ Art and Design Teacher

Ms Michelle Donald

Nationality: New Zealander

Time in Hanoi: 10 years

Time at HA: 5th year

Mr Daniel Brown/ Business Teacher

Mr Daniel Brown

Nationality: Australian

Time at HA: 2nd year

My teaching philosophy involves a number of approaches aimed to keep lessons interesting and engaging. This involves putting the responsibility on students to think critically and discover knowledge themselves through individual and group activities, as well as other student centered approaches. Students are encouraged to work together and learn in a fun and caring manner.

Mr Jovencio Bono/ Math Senior Teacher

Mr Jovencio Bono

Nationality: Filipino

Time in Hanoi: 6 years

Time at HA: 5th year

I have a Bachelor in Secondary Education in Mathematics. I have been teaching Maths for over seventeen years and this is my 7th year at Hanoi Academy. With my belief on the importance of creativity and high student performance, I would like to guide the students to develop their divergent thinking skills and provide them with meaningful learning activities that will also highlight their creative side. Also, motivation and collaboration are key factors for students to achieve learning retention and to be more passionate about their talents and skills in order to be successful in their future careers.

Ms Emily Clifford/ English Coordinator

Ms Emily Clifford

Nationality: British

Time in Hanoi: 6 years

Time at HA: 4th year

I firmly believe that students learn best when they feel empowered and engaged, so I always encourage my classes to take responsibility and ownership for their education. I believe in the teacher as facilitator and foster a co-operative learning environment. I love exploring different texts and ideas through English Literature and helping my classes build strong analytical and written skills, but most importantly helping develop a love for reading and language and helping students to find their own voices.

I’m really looking forward to taking on my new role as English coordinator and helping to continue developing the department. I can’t wait to get back in the classroom and see my students continue to grow and learn new skills. I will be continuing my own learning this year, studying a Masters in Education through a British university. I am excited about all the new challenges and opportunities in the coming year!

Mr Simone Sapienza/ Science Coordinator

Mr Simone Sapienza
Nationality: Italian

Time at HA: 6th year

I obtained my Bachelor degree in Biology at the University of Catania in 2011 and my Master in “Molecular Biology and Genetics” at the University of Pavia in 2013. Then I had teaching experience in Italy, in Thailand and now in Vietnam.

Conceiving teaching as both an art and a science, I use inquiry-based learning strategies and adopt a facilitator’s role encouraging students to engage in intellectual analysis, critical thinking, problem solving, and challenge learning. As recommended in student-centered approaches, I make an accurate needs assessment so as to acquire information about competencies, experience, problem solving ability, power of concentration, study time available, learning capacity and orientation to learning.



Mr Kolapo Mustapha/ Highschool Teacher

Mr Kolapo Mustapha

Nationality: Nigeria

Time at Hanoi Academy: 1 year

My teaching philosophy is that all children are unique and must have a stimulating educational environment where they can grow physically, mentally, emotionally and socially. It is my desire to create this type of atmosphere where students can meet their full potential.

I’m multilingual. I can speak 4 languages fluently.

Mr Van Loc Nguyen/ PE Teacher

Mr Van Loc Nguyen

Ms Hai Giang Thi Ngo/ Teacher

Ms Hai Giang Thi Ngo

Mr Quang Hung Do/ Math teacher

Mr Quang Hung Do

Master of Education in Educational Administration and Leadership (MED) – National Institute of Education Management

As a MED, Mr Hung Do has many years of teaching experiences. He has obtained many awards such as Excellent Homeroom Teacher (District level), District-level Initiative. Many of his students achieved high results in the graduation exams.

He is a passionate and friendly teacher, who always pays close attention to his students. With that passion for education, along with his enthusiasm, Mr Hung Do always tries his best to devote to the education work.

Ms Kieu Hoa Thi Nguyen/ Teacher

Ms Kieu Hoa Thi Nguyen

Ms Bich Diep Luu/ Teacher

Ms Bich Diep Luu

Ms Thi Thao Nguyen/ Teacher

Ms Thi Thao Nguyen

Ms Ngoc Thuy Thi Bui/ Teacher

Ms Ngoc Thuy Thi Bui

Ms Thu Trang Thi Tran/ English Teacher

Ms Thu Trang Thi Tran

Bachelors Degree English Education – University of Languages & International Studies (ULIS)

Graduated from the Department of English Pedagogy – ULIS, with many years of experience, she has achieved many proud achievements including Excellent Homeroom Teacher of the District, Experimental Initiative at the City level. Many of her students achieve excellence awards in District and City level English exams.

Ms Thanh Huyen Hoang/ Teacher

Ms Thanh Huyen Hoang

Ms Nhung Anh Tran/ Math teacher

Ms Nhung Anh Tran

Ms Long Phuong Nguyen/ Teacher

Ms Long Phuong Nguyen

Ms Thi Loc Nguyen/ Teacher

Ms Thi Loc Nguyen

Ms Bich Nguyet Nguyen/ Teacher

Ms Bich Nguyet Nguyen

Ms Nhu Anh Nguyen/ Head English Teacher

Ms Nhu Anh Nguyen

Nationality: Vietnamese

Time at HA: 3rd year


Ms Huong Sen Nguyen/ History teacher

Ms Huong Sen Nguyen

Ms Thi Hang Tran/ History teacher

Ms Thi Hang Tran

Ms Thi Hoa Le/ Teacher

Ms Thi Hoa Le

Ms Thu Ha Tran/ Geography teacher

Ms Thu Ha Tran

Ms Thi Hoan Nguyen/ Teacher

Ms Thi Hoan Nguyen

Ms Thao Ngan Pham/ English teacher

Ms Thao Ngan Pham

Nationality: Vietnamese

Time at HA: 1st year

Ms Thu Thao Bui/ Teacher

Ms Thu Thao Bui

Ms Thi Tuyet Phung/ Literature teacher

Ms Thi Tuyet Phung

Ms Ha Thu Thi Hoang/ Teacher

Ms Ha Thu Thi Hoang

Ms Thuy Huyen Thi Nguyen/ Literature teacher

Ms Thuy Huyen Thi Nguyen

Ms Thanh Hang Nguyen/ Physics Teacher

Ms Thanh Hang Nguyen

Ms Tuong Van Nguyen/ Physics Teacher

Ms Tuong Van Nguyen
Physics Pedagogy Faculty - Hanoi Pedagogical University 2. 
Ms. Van has 4 years of teaching experience and being a head teacher at International Schools.

Ms Tuan Anh Ta/ PE Teacher

Ms Tuan Anh Ta