Globalville summer camp 2018

Under the views of modern education, learning is the process of experiencing and discovering interesting things. For elementary school-age children, experiential learning is even more important as it helps students to stain with friends, to communicate, to express their interests, personalities and abilities.

Applying that perspective into creating and designing the summer camp, Hanoi Academy International bilingual school and Utopia creative experiential academy choose 03 themes: Robotics, Art, Adventure for this year’s summer camp program, in hope to offer the most joyful and meaningful journey. With Globalville 2018, students can participate in up to 6 experiential weeks, each provides its own set of values, knowledge and appropriate skills in order to help children understand and apply their knowledge into reality. In addition, this program also cares about the development of thoughts and life values for students at the current education level.


  • Morning: 2 indoor classes, 40 minutes per class.
  • Afternoon: 4 outdoor classes, 40 minutes per class
  • The program provides insurance and applies child protection policy based on international standard.
  • Native English teacher as a form teacher
  • 01 overnight camping at Hanoi Academy with BBQ buffet each camp
  • Welcome package for students on the 1st day: T-shirt, notebook, pencil, name tag
  • The detailed content is included in the attached summer camp schedule 

II. TUITION FEE (Discounted tuition fee applied for Hanoi Academy students)

Registration before 30th April, 2018:

  • 800.000 VND per 2-week course
  • 600.000 VND per 4-week course
  • 400.000 VND per 6-week course

 Registration after 30th April, 2018:

  • 300.000 VND per 2-week course
  • 600.000 VND per 4-week course
  • 900.000 VND per 6-week course

* This tuition fee includes the costs of location, breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea break, picnic, camping at the eco-resort on the outskirts of Hanoi, learning materials, foreign teachers and other related preparations.

Note: Transportation fee is not included

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Globalville summer camp 2018

Globalville summer camp 2018


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