Kindergarten Program


Kindergarten ProgramKindergarten Program

Hanoi Academy apply the International Primary Curriculum for Early Years, an internationally acclaimed program provided by Fieldwork Education, is UK licensed and approved by the Vietnamese Ministry of Education and Training.  

Our program is built around four learning strands that underpin learning and development: independence and interdependence, communicating, enquiring, and healthy living & physical wellbeing.  

This program coupled with clubs and enrichment activities provide our children with a comprehensive educational foundation, preserving core traditional values in an international setting.

In addition to the IPC Early Years program, our children also learn with specialized instructors of the Montessori method and Ready Steady Go Kids.  

Our Montessori program provides our children with proven support for the development of key senses, logic, independence, and discipline. Materials used focus on the development of large muscle and language skills and are designed to be self-correcting so that children can identify their own mistakes and learn.

We have teamed up with Ready Steady Go Kids, an Australian licensed physical education and sport program. The program introduces children to a variety of sports and physical activities in a structured, safe, inclusive and non-competitive environment. Children not only learn about sport and develop lifelong passions for exercise, but also develop and enhance age-appropriate gross motor skills and coordination.


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