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Hanoi Academy bus services are designed in consultation with contractors and drivers in order to ensure safe pick-up and drop-off. We take into account a number of relevant factors in offering the best school bus service possible, including optimal number of students pwe bus, residential distribution of students, traffic routes and in-vehicle journey time. Our priorities are:


Safety is the top priority which informs our choice of contractors and the design of bus routes, pick-up and drop-off points. We only use high-quality 16 seater or 25 seater vehicles, each of which is assigned with a bus monitor who provides in-vehicle support.

Waiting time and journey time

Buses are always ready for pick-up at school right after classes finish. Bus routes are designed to optimise journey time without compromising safety.


We are offering more than 20 bus routes that provide great coverage across Hanoi. We will review, redesign current routes and add new routes based on actual needs, parental feedback and changes in traffic infrastructure.

Students, parents, teachers and bus drivers are subject to follow regulations laid out for operating school bus service. 

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