Our teachers embody:

  • Experience in the field of education
  • Devotion to the education and personal growth of their students 
  • Motivation and enthusiasm for teaching students
  • Awareness of international and Vietnamese culture and values

Ms Ngoc Anh Dang/ Head of School

Ms Ngoc Anh Dang


Ms Ngoc Anh Thi Dang certified from Montessori training course of Montessori Institute of America (MIA) in Korea. With over 10 years of teaching experience in the bilingual and international environment, she is sure to bring to Kindergarten students interesting and rewarding Montessori lessons.

Mr Peter McGuigan/ Deputy Head of School

Mr Peter McGuigan


Mr Peter is the Deputy Head of School and he is from Ireland. After a few years as the president of the local youth club, Mr Peter became interested in teaching. For him, working with children and helping them develop is an ideal job. Mr Peter has been teaching at Hanoi Academy for 4 years and is considered as an important member of the school’s Primary teachers.

Every day he likes the feeling of going to school and helps students to overcome challenges and make a difference in their lives. Mr Peter is also actively involved in school events and is one of the most beloved teachers among the students of Academy Elementary School.

Ms Patricia Macabulos/ Head of Department

Ms Patricia Macabulos


I am Patricia Limjoco-Macabulos and for the Academic Year 2020 – 2021, I will be the Kindergarten English Coordinator as well as the MGN teacher for Early Years. This is my sixth year teaching in Hanoi Academy and I have been the International Homeroom Teacher for the MGL level in previous years.

I have been an educator for 15 years teaching 4 to 7-year-old and I have taken various roles in the Early Years setting. I taught as a Kindergarten Teacher at the International Schools in Bangkok and Singapore, and an Early Years Teacher in the United States. I completed my Master’s Degree in Child Development Education in Manila and eventually opened my own preschool where I took on the role of Curriculum and Preschool Coordinator. It was a good experience for me to have trained teachers in the classroom while adapting to an eclectic approach. I have likewise taught as a roving teacher at the United Nations International School. This year marks my sixth year in Hanoi and I am a parent myself. I have three sons attending university in Vancouver, Canada. Aside from my Masters in Child Development degree, I have a TEFL certification, a Diploma in Early Years Teaching Strategies and in the process of completing a Certificate in Caring for Children with Special Needs. I have also attended various workshops to strengthen my knowledge and practice as an educator in a bilingual setting. I am a certified yoga teacher and have experience in teaching yoga to both kids and adults.

I believe that kindergarten is a magical phrase for both children and their parents and giving the children a venue for exploration, discovery and creativity will create a lifelong love for learning. I look forward to an enriching year with your children. Thank you for your trust and support.

Ms Thuy Giang Bui/ Academic Affair Officer

Ms Thuy Giang Bui

Ms Hang Pham/ Kindergarten Teacher

Ms Hang Pham

Ms Nga Le/ Kindergarten Teacher

Ms Nga Le

Ms Khanh Huyen Nguyen/ Giáo Viên Mầm Non

Ms Khanh Huyen Nguyen

Ms Trang Duong/ Giáo Viên Mầm Non

Ms Trang Duong

Ms Luong Nguyen/ Kindergarten Teacher

Ms Luong Nguyen

Ms Olga Lavrenchuk/ Giáo Viên Mầm Non

Thạc sĩ Tiếng Anh & Ả Rập; Thạc sĩ Giảng dạy và Dịch thuật; đạt chứng chỉ dạy tiếng Anh TELF

Ms Olga Lavrenchuk

Ms Alanna Hannifin/ Kindergarten Teacher

Bsc Education and Training; TELF Certificate

Ms Alanna Hannifin

Ms Alanna Hannifin has experience teaching at Ruwais Private School in Abu Dhabi. During this school year, Ms Alanna Hannifin wants her children to be more confident and love speaking English. Alanna Hannifin will always maintain a positive and safe environment for her children to fully develop most comprehensively.

Ms Van Nguyen/ Kindergarten Teacher

Ms Van Nguyen

Ms Hong Hanh Le/ Kindergarten Teacher

Ms Hong Hanh Le

Ms Amy Joy/ Teacher

Ms Amy Joy

My name is Amy Joy and I am excited to be a new addition to Hanoi Academy this year. I am from Ireland. I am a qualified TEFL teacher with a Bachelor of Law plus a Sociology Degree from the University of Limerick.

I had my first taste of teaching through a semester abroad with the University of Limerick. I went to Spain and taught English to teenagers. This was where I fell in love with teaching, I moved to Vietnam to teach right after I graduated from college. I have 12 months teaching experience in Vietnam where I gained most of my experience teaching in a private kindergarten. I was also a tutor for Grade 2 and 3 learners at Washington English Centre.

I am looking forward to meeting and getting to know all the children in NT and MGN this year. I hope to guide them as best as I can during the course of the year and have patience in the classroom. I know that each student has their own unique way of learning and I hope I will be able to support each child to discover which way works best for them.


Amy Joy.

Ms Thu Hang Nguyen/ Kindergarten Teacher

Ms Thu Hang Nguyen

Ms Thuy Mai Le/ Kindergarten Teacher

Ms Thuy Mai Le

Ms Anh Thuy Le/ Kindergarten Teacher

Diploma in Intermediate Accounting (DIAc) - Hanoi College of Tourism

Ms Anh Thuy Le

Ms Hong Huong Nguyen/ Teacher

Ms Hong Huong Nguyen

Ms Ngoc Bich Thi Dinh/ Teacher

Ms Ngoc Bich Thi Dinh

Ms Thi Tinh Hoang/ Teacher

Ms Thi Tinh Hoang

Ms Thi Ngat Nguyen/ Teacher

Ms Thi Ngat Nguyen

Ms Thu Hang Thi Nguyen/ Teaching Assistant

Ms Thu Hang Thi Nguyen

Ms Thu Huong Thi Do/ Teacher

Ms Thu Huong Thi Do

Ms Thi Mung Nguyen/ Teacher

Ms Thi Mung Nguyen

Bachelor of Education (Early Childhood Education) – Hanoi National University of Education

She has 11 years of experience working in education. With professional qualifications and love of work, she has continuously achieved proud achievements.

Ms Thu Huong Thi Nguyen/ Teacher

Ms Thu Huong Thi Nguyen

Ms Thi Thu Tran/ Preschool teacher

Ms Thi Thu Tran

Ms Thuy Hang Bui/ Nursemaid

Ms Thuy Hang Bui

Ms Kim Van Nguyen/ Nursemaid

Ms Kim Van Nguyen

Ms Xuyen Thi Vu/ Nursemaid

Ms Xuyen Thi Vu

Ms Lan Nguyen/ Teacher

Ms Lan Nguyen

Ms Ngoan Cao/ Teacher

Ms Ngoan Cao

Ms Giang Luu/ Teacher

Ms Giang Luu

Ms Kim Lien Le/ Kindergarten Teacher

Bachelor of Kindergarten Education - Hanoi College of Education

Ms Kim Lien Le