Edexcel Approved Centre

Edexcel Approved Centre

Edexcel Approved Centre

Apart from being a licensed curriculum provider, the Hanoi Academy also enjoys the status of Edexcel Approved Exam Center (number 93708), which means that we can provide Edexcel Qualification Assessments and Certifications. At the beginning of 2016, we look forward to our third year as a registered exam center and will provide our students and external candidates with the following evaluations:

Achievement Tests for Edexcel International Primary and Lower Secondary Curriculum 

Students build on the foundation that they’ve developed at primary and lower secondary level by taking a wide range of higher global qualifications – including Edexcel iGCSE.


International General Certificates of Secondary Education (iGCSE)

iGCSE Qualifications allow students to gain the skills, knowledge and confidence to progress seamlessly on to A levels and then on to the world’s most prestigious universities.


A Level Qualifications

Edexcel GCE A-levels are among the most widely known and respected qualifications in the world. They equip students with the knowledge and skills to realise their ambitions and open doors to the most prestigious universities worldwide.