A&D lesson with Ms Michelle (Still-life painting and drawing)

During social distancing period, Ms Michelle and Acers have had great experiences while learning online without taking the traditional classroom. Still-life is the main topic of study, in which help students discover and practise the basic technique of drawing and painting.

Students begin this lesson by looking at simple and geometric models like cylinders and drawing objects at home from different perspectives. Besides, Acers also studied how to describe the different structures of an object. Ms Michelle instructed students to experiment with drawing techniques such as continuous drawing, rotating continuous lines and even drawing blind borders – outlining an object without looking at the paper! These exercises help develop students’ drawing and observation skills. The class later explored Cezanne’s artwork and how he arranged his still-life paintings. From there, 9th graders are encouraged to arrange their objects to create a cohesive and engaging picture. Even inanimate, even “boring” objects can be interesting if we draw them in a fun way!

In the past few weeks we have investigated Cubist art by Juan Gris, Picasso and Braque. The last week has been spent creating Cubist style drawings and studies of the students own objects in an ‘abstract’ way. The students have done wonderfully in their artwork while we have been working online and they should be very proud of what they have achieved during this time!

** Here is a sample of the fantastic artwork created by the Grade 9 students during the online Art and Design lessons!