Enrollment process

All students enrolling in Hanoi Academy must complete the entrance exam organized by the school. The admissions process is organized in a rigorous, scientific process to ensure the objectivity and fairness of recruiting qualified students at Hanoi Academy. 

  1. Registration

Parents fill in a registration form and submit to Marketing & Admissions Dept. before being arranged to have a placement test. Application forms include:

– Registration form: Parents can submit their registration form directly to Marketing & Admissions Dept. or register online via the school website.

– One student’s photo 4x6cm: Attach to the front of the registration form

– Duplication of school report or student’s studying assessment of the previous year or semester.

– Registration fee payment.

  1. Entrance exams

2.1. Content of entrance exams: includes Interview and Placement tests

Interview: some questions to determine physical health and psychological health, learning about students’ attitudes, skills, interests, physiology. It takes for 10-15 minutes/ student.

Placement tests: to determine the educational background and level of Math, Literature and English (students take the placement tests only after passing the Interview).

            * Grade 1: Logical thinking (including counts, comparisons, colors…) and language ability (pronunciation, coherent communication…)

            * Grade 2-12: Placement tests of Math and Literature based on the Vietnamese curriculum, and level of English proficiency based on the standards of UK curriculum.

           * Grade 10: The total score of the Education and Training Department’s entrance exams is not under 40 points, and level of English proficiency based on the standards of UK curriculum.

English test: 4 skills including Listening, Speaking, Writing and Reading suitable for each class.

 2.2. Schedule of entrance exams:

– The schedule of entrance exam is on Tuesdays and Thursday. Parents are required to register at least 3 days in advance.

– The school will send a notice of placement test results to the parents by phone and email within 3 working days of the tests. 

For further information and register, please contact:

Marketing and Admissions Dept., Hanoi Academy International Bilingual School

Address: D45-D46, Ciputra Hanoi International City,

Phone: 024 3743 0135 (Ext: 6116, 6118)

Hotline: 0986 84 0909

Email: info@hanoiacademy.edu.vn

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