A) Hanoi Academy’s House System

Hanoi Academy’s ‘House System’ consists of three elements: Earth, Sky, Ocean. The classes in each house will be called by the names of the animals corresponding to each element, for example, Rhino will belong to the Earth, Falcon belongs to the Sky and Orca belongs to the Ocean group.

House System

The House System is designed to strengthen and promote the unity of the school as well as the goal of educating students to become global citizens. The House System will encourage students to actively study, improve teamwork and the responsibility to the community, to connect students of all ages in the schools and create opportunities for them to enhance their skills, gain experience and develop their confidence.

The House System provides students with the opportunities to:

  • Build confidence together
  • Practice perseverance and determination to overcome challenges
  • Learn how to take risks when working in a team to achieve the common goals
  • Learn how to develop curiosity and creativity in a safe environment

To achieve these targets, Hanoi Academy usually organizes house events to help students become more confident and gain better results in studying.

B) The organizational structure of House System:

All Vietnamese and international homeroom teachers have automatically classified in the House that their classes belong to. Besides, each house will have one Vietnamese teacher and one international teacher who will take charge of supporting the activities and encourage students to participate in the activities of the House.

Each school (Primary and Secondary & High school) will have one captain for each House. Student can register to be a house captain and the house captain will be chosen by Vietnamese and international homeroom teachers and Principal Board.

Each house will have one deputy captain who is self-elected and chosen by Vietnamese and international homeroom teachers. All deputy captains will have to report to their house’s captains.

* The appointment of captains and deputy captains is based on the voting results held in the previous year. The election campaign will take place in April and students will vote in May.

The captain and deputy captain will form a Committee of each house, which has the following responsibilities:

  • Organize meetings and plan for the House events
  • Encourage students in each house to participate in the events
  • Respect and listen to the voice of students in the house
  • Communicate the House’s ideas to the House’s homeroom teachers
  • Communicate the House’s idea to the Principal Board
  • Fundraise for the House
  • The House captain manages the activities as well as the committee of the House

C) The events, competitions and reward system

Hanoi Academy will hold a variety of events and competitions as well as encourage students to organize additional events to enhance the solidarity of HA students and positively contribute to the community

In monthly assembly, Houses can take part in many contests such as Math, Literature, Arts… The winning house will get 15 points which is awarded by the organization of the assembly.

During the school year, the students are allowed to participate to events in/outside of the school, including EF challenge, TOEFL Junior, Spirit Week, Designing Challenges, Fun Run, Charity Fund Raise, v.v. The three students who receive the highest results will get the points for their Houses: 15 points, 10 points and 5 points respectively.

In addition, the students will join whole school events such as sporting, cultural or charity events… The students who actively contribute to the evens will get the points for their Houses. The point depends on the level of participation of the students and each event will have a maximum of 3 students get the point.

At the end of each month, The Principal Board will summarize the points and announce the winner of the month. Besides, the Principal Board will keep a record of the monthly points and determine who will be the winner of each term and each year.