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Hanoi Academy’s bakery( cake shop) is now officially open for business

Cake 1 cake cake cake!!!
Cake shop

A day without desserts is a day without joy! In this 2016-2017 school year, Hanoi Academy has surprised students by building a small bakery near the gym. The bakery has a variety of healthy and high quality cake and desserts for all students. Also the desserts are affordable for all students in the school. Thus, if you need a quiet place to study, you can also come to this bakery. Students, teachers and employees at Hanoi Academy love this bakery.


We interviewed an employee, a teacher and a few students and asked them to share us their thoughts. We asked an employee the purpose of opening this bakery. An employee at the school’s bakery claimed that this bakery was built for the sake of students only since students are always exhausted after school and they need something sweet to recover. Moreover, she also said that she was very happy to see students enjoying eating her desserts. Furthermore, she shared that she was delighted whenever a student complimented on her desserts.

We asked Mr. Gautier, a High school and Secondary teacher a few questions. He likes the bakery for its quality and its taste. He also stated that he prefers this bakery to the former one. Thus, he hopes that there will be baking classes after school since he is very interested in learning to bake. Mr. Gautier has tasted some desserts and he said that it they are delicious and his favorite was the tiramisu cupcake. He also stated that the prices were neither too high nor too low and students could afford them.

 We interviewed two grade 9 students, Minh Anh and Xuan Duc with the same question: “ What do you think about the new bakery?” . Minh Anh answered : “The staff in the bakery is very hardworking and kind, also, they gave us a lot of care. Every time we get hungry, they are always ready and serve us as fast as they can. Their cakes are incredibly delicious, clean and cheap too.” And Xuan Duc replied : “The staff is very friendly, just like me. I will also continue supporting this bakery.”

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We also asked some other students and their responses were all very positive. Hence, you should come and try all of the wonderful desserts here at least once because we can be sure that it will not let you down.

By: Linh Chi,  Phi Vu – 8A1

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